London to Groningen

So for those of you who don’t  already know I have moved to a small little student city in the north of Holland called Groningen to study International Relations and International Organisations at the University of the Groningen. I’ve been here for no more than a few weeks and it’s already been the best decision of my life. I learnt […]



How to make a fringe top You will need An old t-shirt Scissors Ruler Washable ink pen/pencil Place on your old tee and make a line using the ink pen  just underneath your belly button. Place the t-shirt on a flat surface and using a ruler draw  a straight line across the t-shirt . Next using your ruler […]



Bunting is a great way to add to any room/ house décor its super fun and elegant and so so easy to make Being an avid reader I decided to turn some of my old  magazines into some bunting and here’s how you can make yours You will need Scissor Old magazines or newspapers PVA glue String A […]