Words Worth Reading

A new bi weekly series that I will be doing exploring interesting reads that I think for whatever reason are worth picking up and turning through the pages.

                                                        Educating, interesting and full of personality.

Damn good advice (for people with talent)

I have never heard of George Lois which after reading this book I am quite astonished that It has taken me this long to. Without plagiarizing his entire Wikipedia page every great piece of advertisements and campaigns from the last few decades have essentially come from him. Many attribute him to being the inspiration for the main character of the popular TV series Mad Men. Although he would  quite passionately dispute that and condemn that show for it over sensationalist of 1960’s rise of campaigns and ads. When my eye caught the bold lettering whilst I was shopping in Topshop I didn’t expect for it to be  as a good of a read as it turned out to be.

This book says it’s for a creative mind but I think it offers something to everyone with any ambition or lacking some. He is honest, frank and  funny. It provides  concise but inspirational advice and tips for you to start realizing your potential in any field you chose.

And even if you don’t quite agree with advice and it is worth the read just for the amazing antidotes like how  he helped Tommy Hilfiger come to fame.  How he saved MTV from failure. And what one of the biggest racial justice issue, Muhammad Ali and a shooting arrows have in common.


Now you probably have heard of the phenomenon of the Freakanomics a book that soar to popularity over it’s ground breaking approach to economics and everyday and issues.

Superfreakanomics is bigger, better and so much more mind boggling. This type of book is again something I think everyone would love to read. Why? Well because it does everything a good no fiction book should do educates and entertains. Whether you are knowledgeable  about economics or  a big data geek it provides the most intriguing arguments , experiments and observations I have ever read. It’s  brilliant and with ease explores a plethora cases that keep your wanting to turn the page whilst slowing crushing all your previous beliefs in the norms of social life.

Moreover both co authors have enormous wit and humor leaving you to fall in love with their personality too. Which is great as you also get a q&a and a podcast transcript too included in the book. So if you want to know about why it is better to prostitute with a pimp, how pumping sulfur into the air with a hose will help global warming, or maybe the questions on your mind are  whether monkeys can learn to use money and why doctors won’t wash their hands … then this is the book for you.


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