Brexit Blues

This shall be a rather short piece as I’ve been struggling to write for the past few weeks.

For the past year or so I’ve felt more disillusioned about politics than I ever have. This is rather strange for me as from a young age politics was always something I was heavily into. I would watch the news everyday read at least  three different papers  on daily biases. Studied politics at A levels, visited parliament three times, I even chose to study intentional relations for a degree. Yet at this current time it is something that I would rather runaway from.

The current political atmosphere recently has been ever so depressing. And why would you constantly want to engage into something that does nothing but upset and anger you. Last week as I’m sure you are well aware of and quite sick of was the biggest referendum Britain has taken to date.  As a pro European  never have I been so down about politics and my country . The result to leave, the uncertainty it has brought, the rise in hate crimes and the chaos that the Labour party is currently you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that  everything is in ruins. However, as easy as a  route of thinking  this is to go down it never does anything to help the situation. As hard as the pill is to swallow the decision has been made. The only option now is to work towards making the best of it

In a strange way this has brought on a few revelations . The first is a reality check that the UK is not as different from America as we would like to think. Granted we may not be electing a Trump any time soon but we sure are deeply divided among class, race and religion. The second being that Westminster is really a child’s game that has gone on for far too long. The actions of various politicians over the campaign and the fall out has been nothing short but a disgrace , this really puts into place how much ego and career plays a part in even the most important of decisions. Thirdly, that anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing , it is how you shape that anger that makes all the difference.  It is these sparks of anger that light the fire of change. And it is important no matter how small the flame is, to believe that we can all do something.  Hope for something new , fuel it by anger of injustice and never let the fire die out.



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