Juggling the oranges of life

Being lazy and things of that nature.

I can’t juggle oranges.  A small fact about my self that I thought I should just share with you. What I’ve recently realized is that apparently I’m also not very good at juggling things in my life. There seems to be a recurring theme in my life where I think of great idea, a new task or hobby  that I plan to take on, go full steam ahead. And then a few weeks go by and I’ve soon forgotten about it all.  To be honest that cycle hasn’t ever really bothered me, mainly because  I clearly wasn’t that interested if I can’t be bothered to do after a few weeks, not to mention that it is in my nature to often get over excited/ too carried away with things at times.

But when this cycle happens with things that you actually really want to do then there is a clear problem. I’m lazy. I’m not proud of it but I will admit it.  I have a super creative mind and tons of ideas but executing these Ideas doesn’t come so easy. To be the best in whatever your chosen passion is you have to work at, and by work at it I don’t just mean think about it for hours.  Real time and effort comes in many different forms, whether it be researching, investing in the literature, finding your faults and best features.  However, this is definitely easier said than done especially when you are doing other things like at University studying an intensive course.

So I can’t juggle oranges. But I do want to practice and try to juggle all the things in my life. I may not always succeed and be the best  at everything I do. And to be perfectly honest I don’t want to be. I just want to be the best at me because that truly is the only thing I can be, everything else outside of that is just fake.   This does by no means gives me a valid reason not to try. So this is  really just a self-confession to all of you to say that I am aware of how absent I’ve been from by blog and new YouTube channel. I’m  learning how to do all things I love in life whilst managing all the things I need to do in terms of my responsibilities. So here is  to not being lazy and giving yourself a kick up the butt. Because in truth no one else going to do it for you.


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