#OscarsSoWhite part 2

I have many things that I am passionate about in this life. One thing that I’ve always loved was film and acting as it is such a beautiful and expressive art form.   So nothing quite irked than to hear today that NO ACTORS OF COLOUR WERE NOMINATED in any of the categories for this years Oscars.

Last year the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was created by April Reign to highlight the blatant lack of people of colour nominated for the Oscars. This year it made an excellent  comeback , as twitter rightfully goes in on the Academy.

Here are some of my favourites.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 01.38.03Screenshot 2016-01-15 01.38.17Screenshot 2016-01-15 01.39.14Screenshot 2016-01-15 01.39.08Screenshot 2016-01-15 01.38.49Screenshot 2016-01-15 01.38.36


What really upset me about this was that this year there were such a diversity of really amazing films and actors to choose from, way too many for the Academy to ignore.

This is bigger than talented actors and actress of colour not getting the recognition from their  peers they deserve. The wider message is that  the Academy (and so  many other award shows suggest,) is that no matter how talented and hard you work at a project, that you will never be seen as good enough to earn these awards. It sends the wrong messages to every aspiring child of colour that once again people who look like them aren’t winners.

The fact that you can be the main lead of the movie and the whole plot could centred around you and your white co actor gets nominated and you do not , despite people claiming the film the best Rocky film since Rocky I (in regards to Michael B. Jordan in the film Creed).

Straight Outta Compton one of the biggest selling movies of the year, depicting such an influential group to Hip Hop (and culture in general) can be released, and the only people to be nominated are the three white screen writers is more than a just a shame.

It is time that actor’s and actresses of colour are recognised for the magically talented people they are.



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