The start of the end of the BNP ?

For what seems like the last few months to a year, the BNP to a great extent has disappeared with little to no talk surrounding them. This is why I was quite surprised this morning when I woke up to see the news that the party had been struck off the political party register .

At first look at the headline,  I wasn’t sure what this all really meant.  Did this mean they were no longer a political party? Or was this just a huge admin error by the electoral commission?  When I realised that this meant neither, I began to think what this really means for the infamous party and what this says about the direction of British politics.

Background of the party

The BNP party stands for the British National Party and was founded in 1982 after a split in the political organisation ( please note that I am using this term very loosely) the National Front.  Within a year they had 53 electoral candidates ready to run for the next election and claimed to have over 3000 enquiries for membership.  As of 2009 they were able to get two seats in that years European parliament elections as well as a membership of around 11,811 people.

The party is  notorious for being Britain’s modern-day fascist and anti pretty much everything ( Europe, globalisation, immigration and much more).  It takes pride in spreading numerous hateful  campaigns about ethnic minorities, Muslims  and the LGBTQ community. It panders right into the extreme right-wing population of the UK (white, male and bathed in privilege) . The current leader Nick Griffin even once compared the rape of a woman to being forced feed chocolate cake.

So you can see why as someone who would like to see herself as a social justice warrior and is very proud of being left-wing in ideals, the news of this horrendous party possibly no longer existing would excite me. Unfortunately this has not been the case. Rather that a  clerical error had occurred  as the  pre-registration fee of £25 had not been paid to the electoral commission in time.

So what exactly does this mean for British Politics?

Well it means that all BNP possible candidates will have to run independently.  In addition, the party’s name, descriptions and logos etc., are banned from ballot papers and election campaigns till they resubmit an application in the following year.

While as this means the BNP are not yet a dissolved party, every cloud does have a silver lining.  What this news story has done is shed some light into the party’s core.  It clear that this is more than just an error but an example just how badly the party has been functioning  over the past few years. Not only is it in huge financial trouble with some stating that it has even been brought to the brink of bankruptcy but there is also ever-growing divisions in the party. As UKIP continue to take the party’s ground in a more palatable manner (only ever so slightly), and misfortunes like this that stop it being an effective political party continue to occur, it looks like it is only a matter of time before the party will self implode.

Of course this is only half the battle. It is important to note that there is still a minority of people who feel like parties such as the BNP and UKIP represent their views and opinions.  Essentially what I found  my self asking was even if the BNP were to disappear would that necessarily mean that Britain no longer holds room for such offensive brute fascist parties.

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