Starbucks and why religious people make having a faith hard for me

I am a Christian. I’ve been raised in the church my whole life and, five years ago I decided purely of my own accord that I would dedicate myself to God and get baptized. What I found out is the more and more I get deeper into my faith the harder it seems for me to want to stay in it. This has nothing to do with my relationship (or love) with God, but everything to do with my growing detest of people who spread hate and do the most ridiculous things in the name of God.

I often find my self ashamed of calling my self  a Christian at times when I think of some of the high-profile  things in the media recently  that  Christians have done in the name of Christ. This is heartbreaking.  To me no one should ever have to feel ashamed of something they believe in.  I’m my eyes, although I am a Christian I would never say I’m religious. To me I just have a faith. And yes there is a difference. To me religion is a man-made social construct  that draws away from the core of faith. It seems to make rules, regulations  and procedures that often excluded others for some sort of self-righteous purposes.  Faith to me is just a belief  in something  that you have no proof or give no reason to believe  but just do with all your heart, body, mind and soul. It regards a working relationship with God. That to me is  something personal between you and God and is not defined by how often you do or do not go into church what you wear or what type of  music you listen to.

Now you may have a lot of opinions on  Christianity  and to be honest  I  don’t  blame you but to me it is faith based on love. Love is  the core of every teaching and message in bible. It is not just any type of love, it is a love that is free from judgement and prejudice available to all.  So when I hear people spewing hated and judgement in the name  Christianity  it really does make my blood boil and make me not want to be associated to them.

Starbucks recently  has been having some  controversy surrounding their  decision to  change their Christmas edition cups from snowflakes and snowman to a plain red cup. Certain Christians  felt very offended that this cooperation did so. Going as far as to argue that   Christianity is  being under attacked (yep- you read that correctly that was one legit argument).  As a Christian I can tell you that I’ve never heard such rubbish in all my life.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and love and family. Something that is up to an individual to celebrate. No one has an obligation to celebrate our traditions and our beliefs.  Starbucks has no obligation to include anything with the season what so ever.  More over if you look back at previous Starbucks designs your find out that all those little snowman and Christmas trees we love so much are actually based on the pagan tradition. Not only do you show that you have way too little going  in your life to be worried about red cup designs but also how petty and small-minded you are.  If your Christianity  is under threat because of a  cup design then clearly you Christianity  is not based on anything remotely  similar to teachings of Christ. Do you really believe that God is concerned with what the  Starbucks creative design team decided to do on their cups? With all the things going on today in the world and all the good that could be done why do your resort to this.   Quite frankly  if I am to be blunt,  you give your fellow  believers a bad name and it is stunts like this, charged by religious trolls, that make me want to draw back from my faith.

Are you religious or not? What are your  thoughts on this Starbucks Scandal? Do you struggle with your faith? Comment below x



  1. Khloé George (@khloebgeorge)

    I absolutely and 110% agree on this. I’m not a Christian, heck, I don’t even believe in God or Gods. I am in fact an atheist but I feel like religion has sometimes gone too far. The cup wasn’t even Christian. Santa Claus and sleigh rides and snowflakes have nothing to do with the bible. Like, really? Who has that much time on their hands.

    Great post!

    Keep in Touch,


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