Exams aren’t for everyone so stop making us believe they are !

I’ve always been what one would consider a smart girl. I was good at school, never got into trouble, loved to read and all that jazz. But one thing that is becoming more and more prevalent to me is that there is something  wrong with a school system. In actual fact there are a  lot of things wrong from the  Euro- centric  curriculum  to the rising cost of higher education. One thing in education that we seem to  be constantly obsessed about  is this idea of religiously measuring our level of intelligence.

Intelligence  is a wide scope factor and people are intelligent in many different ways. So why do we do we think that the fact someone can memorise something and sit in a silent room for around  3hrs  is a measure of how smart or capable  they are.  It s all good when people  say that education doesn’t really  define you and life start one you enter the work whelm . I for one can mention tons of people famous and non famous that have excelled in life  without  doing well in school or even  finishing school.  Regardless of that  there is still a massive element of  elitism in the case of education .  We still judge people by what school they went to what uni they got in and what  grades they get.  And that’s all fine I for one would never want to  take way that many people do really work hard for the grades they get.  But what about if the  school system just isn’t for them. Those who have too much going on home for them to  focus properly. Those who had to drop out of school to get a join to support their family. What about those who suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks where exams can cause them to vomit and faint.

From my experience  and what I’ve seem amongst my friends and family is that exams  cause a lot of unnecessary  unhealthy stress young kids.  Especially when it been shoved down our throats that they maybe be the most important things we ever do. The stress plus added pressure from family to do well can actually be devastating . It is not uncommon for students to have committed suicide after failing  an exam.  Not only  is there a huge pressure that certain exams will dictate your future but there is never a alternative offered. The  narrative  is if you don’t do well in exams you never  get a job and be poor and reck the rest of your life. Students aren’t properly told about alternative option such apprentice ships and internship, online classes ect .  In certain cases all it take it for someone to take a step back or year out and try again. There also a stigma that those who do take the alternative above are less smart  than someone who goes to uni.

The truth of matter is is as I say  all this to really say in the end  that I do not  have one bit of the slightest answer on how to tackle this.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin  on how  to make out  educational systems to be less exam and competitive centric in the ever going harder times.  What I can do is bring encouragement  to those who feel like they may never equate to something  because  they aren’t academic. Being academic  does not  necessarily  correlate to being smart.  I believe that everyone is smart in their own way, just find out what your good at and passionate about and  run with it till l you drop.  Grades do not defy  you as a person . Nor do they defy your potential or rule it where you going to go in life and never let any body tell you other wise.

Exams  are stressful for us all but there’s always little things you can do to  make that  bit more manageable  just prepare yourself to best of your ability  and remember  that  this is not the be all and end all .

What’s opinion of exams, comment below I want to here your thoughts and opinion son the matter x


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