How to make a fringe top

You will need

  • An old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Washable ink pen/pencil
  1. Place on your old tee and make a line using the ink pen  just underneath your belly button.
  2. Place the t-shirt on a flat surface and using a ruler draw  a straight line across the t-shirt .


  1. Next using your ruler mark and the washable ink pen  out the spacing of each width making them about 1cm-2cm width apart.


  1.  Then using your scissors cut of the hem of t shirt.


  1.  Now begin cutting your fringes stretching them as you go along.


  1.  Once you completed all your fringes you can no improvises either by knotting them (as I did) or making small braids, which either suits your fancy.Now enjoy your summer perfect fringe t- shirt!

WP_20150705_006 WP_20150705_009


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