Confession of a black girl

Ok so Im black but its not a novelty and sometimes people just ask the most annoying questions and quite frankly i’ve had it.

  1. Yes my hair is fluffy, kinky and curly and different to yours but please don’t call it clouds and touch it.
  2.  If I have short hair one day and box braids down to my bum their extensions and it most definitely didn’t grow that fast.
  3. No I don’t wash my hair every day, don’t be so shocked my hair is not designed for that.
  4. Yes I have to warp my hair up at night.
  5. No I do not talk like a white girl pigmentation is not accent or idiolect
  6. Being educated and not using slang doesn’t make me a Oreo or coconut or whatever nonsense you want to call me and discredit my blackness with.
  7. Don’t ask me if I can twerk.
  8. Yes i’m sassy and what!
  9. ‘You’re not like other black girls’ is not a compliment.
  10. My ethnicity  is not a fetish.
  11. I speak african as Africa is not a country but a continent made up 53 (mainland  and islands) thus there is not one singular language.
  12. Yes I can get a tan when i’m out in the sun.

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