You would think the easiest person to be would be you

You would think the easiest person to be would be you. Funnily enough in the past few months I have realised that isn’t the always case, well at least for me anyway. Maybe it’s because  I’m in those the “teenager years” but finding yourself is a bit harder and way more dramatic than I would honestly like to admit.

What I am finding out is that I am becoming more and more comfortable with becoming unapologetically myself. I think that it is important to have the mindset that although you may never know all the answers to who you are and where your supposed to go it doesn’t mean you can’t live a fulfilled life.

At this point in my life I have people who love and support for being me whether that is loud me, angry me, cranky me or loving me and that helps (a lot). But I also know that not everyone has this support network of people that they can fall back on and feel that they can really spread their wings around. And for those of who don’t just know that you weren’t put on this earth for pain (sometimes hard to believe) nor is it going to be a walk through the park (its not meant to be that way either). But all of that is ok its what makes life so amazing with 7 billion and counting people on this earth theres no way all of them are going to like or accept you but bear in mind there’s also a hell of a lot that will. There is only one person who can be you and that’s you and you have responsibility to best version of you can it’s not easy but there’s no better way.


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