Superstar turned expert on obesity.

This post is about the events that took place this week on the British television daytime show Loose women on ITV.  This week saw Jamelia a British singer/songwriter (best known for her song Superstar) join the panel and discuss the issue of plus size women (why this is even such an issue is beyond me but alas we digress).

*Now would be a good time to watch the video*


Now if you watched the video you would have seen that Jamelia stated that

“A huge proportion of our teenagers are well over the weight they should be. I am all for celebrating people as they are … but I do not think it’s right to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle. I really don’t.”
“I do think that you should feel uncomfortable if you are unhealthy.”

Speaking as some who prides them selves on being an activist for body positivity I found what she said utterly disturbing and just plain wrong on so many levels.

1) Its fat shaming
2) Its skinny shaming
3) Your dress size doesn’t actually correlate to your health or your weight
4) It implied that if your above a certain size you don’t deserve to look good in clothes or have a decent selection of shops to shop at
5) Its doesn’t not encourage those who do have issues with weight or are trying to live a healthier life style to make the steps they need to reach their own personal goals
6) It doesn’t encourage anybody. FULL STOP. BLANK. PERIOD.

It caused quite a lot of outrage amongst people and she has since made a very weak apology stating that she was was talking about extremes ‘above a size 20, below a size 6…( because that makes it better.Right! Wrong) and the reaction has ‘ been absolutely awful (no sympathy here)but this is my job. I believe we are all entitled to our opinion.‘I genuinely love people and believe everyone has the right to feel wonderful and feel beautiful and it was never my intention to make people feel any less than what they are(are you sure about that).However, I still stand by my remarks.’

To be honest I really just wanted to cuss her out. No one asked for her opinion, how dare you make people feel insecure and ashamed about what size they are. So I suggest that you Jameila keep your degrading nasty comments to yourself and Loose women you would fare better to have dietitian/ nutritionist , fitness and health experts talk about health issue because they know what they are talking about.

But thankfully with every cloud comes a silver lining lining and a really sweet movement on social media has swept up in outrage of what was said on Loose Women courtesy of 32 year old blogger Debz #WeAreTheThey was started.

It has really has taken off over the past few days with women of all sizes taking a stand so at least all is not doom and gloom, I love seeing women of all sizes taking pride in their beautiful bodies.


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