“Its Just 30 days” she says hopefully to herself !

There are two sides of me. One is very assertive and when she envision something she sticks to in until it becomes a live. The other is indecisive and gets to distracted at the pretty new thing. (I know you’re wondering where this is going).

One thing I can’t seem to keep up with no matter how hard I try is a proper fitness and health routine. One week I’m cutting all sugar out of my diet, the next I’m vegetarian and working out every day, the week after its right back in chocolate, sweet and fast food. ( Still wondering).

So still feeling the new year vibe I’ve decided that it’s actually time that I buckled down and finally  stick it to something. But I must take baby steps before one can walk so I’m taking the first step and starting with the awesome DoYouYoga 30 day yoga challenge they introduced a year ago (I’m a little late) a long with  my own no more crap diet (simply just cutting out all my favourite but naughty junk foods), which will mean no more junk food for me for 30 days. Hopefully 2015 will be the year I stick to a fitness routine after all what do you have if you don’t have your health.

So wish me luck (pray for me,I will need all the strength  I can get).

Join me! We can do it together come on It’s only 30 days …

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