How I view this year?

I think hopes and aspirations are important. In this life its critical you have an idea of where your going otherwise you just swept along with all the craziness that this world brings. It is so easy to just lose yourself in the day-to-day routine of it all, always worrying about that thing you have to do tomorrow or that place you need to be in an hour and we very rarely to stop and take a chance to think where is my life actually going? What do I really truly want?. To me I’m making this year count its a huge year for me; I turn legally into an adult, leave school, move out and go to uni. All very scary but I’m ready and determined to not leave this year the way I entered it.

I want to elevate my self and become the best me I can be, home in on the skills I have, learn new things ,try new things ,go new places, trust more, love more and grow more.

One of my favourite things about blogging is somewhere someone is reading what I’ve written my thoughts and I may never meet them, I consider it in a way like a personal diary that I have published to the world. We al have something to bring to the table bring I don’t know yet what I may bring this year  but  hope it is filled with love and compassion, and more importantly I hope goodness comes your way.



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