When the Brain goes blank …

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years.


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What ordinary people do when they suffer writers block 

Meditate about whats causing the issue and find the answer from within

What I do 

Envision a rhyming scene with my brain personified as a patient talking to a doctor e.g

Patient : All I have been doing is staring ,waiting at the clock

Doctor : I’m afraid Ms Brain you’ve got a writer’s block

Patient : I looked for symptoms but there’s was nothing there

Doctor : That’s common,you must be in quite a despair.

Patient : Oh I’m in terrible fear.

Doctor : Symptoms might often last well over a year.

Doctor : But that’s only if they are quite severe.

Patient : Then cut open and stitch. I need back my creative flair.

Doctor : It never went away you just gave it too much care

Patient : Too much care. What do you possibly mean?

Doctor : Let everything go and it will all shine bright and beam

As you can see I’ve got it bad (cue Usher) the dreaded writers block that has doomed over great writers from F S Fitzgerald to yours truly and to be honest it really does suck!

One week your head is bustling with so many ideas that you feel like your going to explode and the next week life hits you. You come to the realisation that you can’t spend all your time in front of mac book blogging being a hermit when you things to do like school, work, eat, sleep ect and then, just when you find you have the time to write …. Nothing.

Blank, blank and more blank as if someone snuck into your brain and turned the creative juices switch off and has now you left in the darkness, well at least that what it felt like to me. But when you look on the bright side (and I often tend to do that) what makes writing so brilliant is not the tangible things. It’s not really something you can memories or learn from a text-book. The best pieces, the pieces that really change the world around us; the books that make us cry and the articles that make us stand up, come from a place within, born and breed in passion and flair. And though the sun may go down when night calls there will always be another morning.





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