Charity a very important virtue


Charity has always been a big part of my life both my parents work for respective charities so I have grown up with the strong notion of getting involved in charities and social justice.  Surprisingly this is not the case for most people and I really I don’t blame them. It’s not the easiest thing to find a charity that your really connect with that serves a cause that you feel really passionate towards. In a world that surrounded by such a large media influence it’s not that hard to distrust charities and their finances when you see large-scale adverts that cause you to wonder how they are managing  donations because surely they should be spending all the money toward the cause. In tough economical times it so easy to forget to donate that few spare change when you are struggling to make ends meet.

But there are more ways than just donating to make a difference. Charities need volunteers, publicity and people to fundraise all the time 24/7 to ensure they can meet the means to achieve their manifesto these are just are important as finances as how else will they transfer the money  into supplying help for those in need.

There are millions of causes to fight many are just and reasonable and I think it’s really important to be socially aware and find a support a charity its important not just for the benefit of the cause, but also for you the self-gratification and constant reminder and grounding that some always has it worse and  that we have a responsibility to help each other out.

Whether we are this nationality or that nationality, this colour and that colour ,this age and that an age we all still live on one planet and no matter how many differences we  may have we still have one very important thing in common. We are all living breathing creatures that deserve to have the chance to a good life with free education, shelter, food, safety and live in a world where equality is the name of the game and human or animals aren’t ill-treated.

To me my heart falls into issues of  social justice especially amongst the treatment of women and children which is why I love supporting charities such  as Oxfam and UNICEF  and my dads own youth club in london the Salmon centre. Recently I have become interested in the area of HIV and AIDS something admittedly I don’t know nearly enough about but whilst shopping for a new iPod I found out that Apple along with many other companies have created a partnership with the charity (RED) who aims to reduce the number of kids born with the disease transmitted by their mother to 0 and produce and supply enough HIV medication for those in need to be able to live long fruitful lives. Apple will donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity with every red (RED) product brought.

I also have been thinking about giving one  of the most precious resources that we have. Blood. Blood donations around the world are low and are seriously needed for transplants,  and other life saving especially when being afro Caribbean which in the UK only have 2% of donors have this heritage.National blood donating organisations are constantly looking for a new donator. Think about if you might want to make a direct change on someone’s life providing them with the vital blood, plasmas and white blood cells they need.After all what do you have if you don’t have your health.

It’s easy to think that with all the sad corruption in the  world and craziness with children dying on the basis of  their colour and the multiple religious wars today that there is not much change that we can make in the world so whats is the point.To me that is a pathetic way to view the world. Call me rainbow tree hugging deluded optimist but change can and does happen not over night ,not in a week and maybe not in my lifetimes but I want to leave this world knowing that I played my part in getting us all that little closer to something fairer, happier and better. We know first hand what it feels like to grow up in a world that’s in such a mess that you’ve been left to clean up even when you had no part  in making it and I for one don’t want to wish for another generation to go through the same horrors.




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