If my heart could talk






A little bit of poetry … From the view of a personified heart


Dear you, why do you hide me away? Are you ashamed and embarrassed of me?

Is it because I’m soft and gooey and not as hard as you want me to be?


I’m sorry that I am a bundle of emotions; I’m vulnerable and get scared,

It is just sometimes I carry too much through my veins I need to be repaired.


And I know you think you can fix me all on your own, I get it that you’re trying your best,

But you’re not a super hero or God you can’t do it all so release me from this house arrest.


I need air to breathe, open me up and let me out.

It’s alright to cry, laugh, scream and shout.


I’m not your worst enemy or your greatest weakness,

Without me you would be plain, dull and just consumed with bleakness.


Keep me close lets not part, how about we have afresh start?

Don’t take apart this work of art, lots of love your dear heart x


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