Why I like the F word?


Enough said you would think. I mean what more would I have to explain, funny enough a lot more. The great thing about the world we live in is theres is so much variety everything is different, everyone is different, everyone has a different way of seeing things and when it come to ideologies and movements feminism is no exemption. Feminism some one who believes in the social, political and economical equality of women.

I can’t speak for all feminists but I can speak for my self someone who believes in the equality of women, as someone who believes in the equality of all humans, as someone who wants to see the progression of humanity as a whole (aka I don’t hate men). Now I know the word feminism has a lot of negative connotations of angry, hateful women and that’s understandable  who am I to tell you what you should think. What I do hope is that I might be able to open your mind to the notion that like in most things there is no one umbrella that can cover it, it means different things to different people and if you gave it a chance you might find there’s more to it than you think.

I am the oldest and only girl in my family and I am fortunate to say that I was raised  to be a strong-minded independent being who has limitless potential no matter what any one else who say. For this I have to thank my amazing parents , aunty and uncle and Nana and granddad for not only telling me but showing me what it means to live a life unbound by the labels people wish to put on you. In the words of one of my favourite feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “the problem with gender is that is describes how we should be rather than how we are

To me  my  life shouldn’t be measured or judged by the fact that I am a female.  I believe my potential should not calculated by what other see fit for it to be. How successful I am in life should not be weighted because I’m a girl or black.This is why I resonate with feminism the fact that it is a movement that stands for what it believes in no matter what comes it way. Whether people  see it as a problem or just think it is a radical nonsense movement, in my eyes when girls are being kidnapped and shot because they go to school and victims(this applies to men and women) across the world too scared to report that they have been sexually assaulted I see a problem. A huge problem.

I am a WOMEN and PROUD. I celebrate our differences as to me isn’t it our differences that make us great and special other wise we would  be the most boring useless bunch of species ever to roam this earth.

Feminism the F world I like


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