That veggie life


Vegetarianism –   the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat – red meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animal

Now I don’t want to reiterate stereotypes about certain ethnic minorities and certain meats. But there is some truth to that well at least  in my family at least there is. After bring in the US of A and eating more than my body can handle I’ve the conscience decisions  to become a vegetarian, to some of you this might seem like such a big deal I mean having a strange diet is of fashionable nowadays. But for someone who’s been brought up in a family who is likely to get  questioned when they don’t ask for seconds of meat ( let alone why they won’t eat meat at all )  this is a very very big deal.Whether you believe this or not I actually have family members who don’t know what vegetarianism is. As surprising as this is might sound meat really is a big part of my culture especially being Afro Caribbean, its part of every meal and get every get together.

So I’ve been a veggie all in all for 4 days (not very impressive I know) and have not had any meat cravings at all, which is probably because I’ve eaten more meat in 2 weeks than I have in  2 years ( seriously America takes meat to the next level). In all its going well and I’m happy with my new health choice and knowing that I am one less being contributing to the mistreatment of animals in the food industry.

Don’t get me wrong I’m gonna miss bacon in the morning,fat juicy sausages and Mum’s Shepard’s pie but with all the alternative options put there in the market and the greatness that is the internet now more than ever is the best time to be  a vegetarian. And I am really excited for this new page in life lets just hope my family can deal with it.



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