11 must do things when in the land of the free


So for 2 weeks I have been in the USA for on an exchange programme now I could have written a post about the whole trip and how utterly amazing it all was. Instead I decided to write a list of all the things I finally got to do on the trip all of which I think are things everybody should tick of their list ( if you have one) .

  • Go to Vermont – Such a beautiful state with so much outdoor activity and  the only place that convinced me there is life beyond a city
  • Watch a Baseball game – Even though it was incredibly long you haven’t experienced a true sporting event until your watch a baseball game live
  •  Have fun in a 5hr layover – My first long layover and I have to say I really did enjoy it there is so much to do and observe in an airport especially when with friends
  • Wendy’s –  A yummy fast food chain that we don’t have in the UK  but I really did enjoy the cheeseburger that I had
  • Biscuits – An american term for a savoury like scone but with a much more crumbly texture
  • Twinkies – These sugary cream filled cakes are truly addictive and super yummy but watch out for the crazy sugar levels
  • Chocolate covered Oreos – If you though Oreos couldn’t get anymore yummy  try them covered in chocolate  mmmmmm …
  • Smores – The only way to describe them is heaven in melted marshmallow and chocolate in gram crackers
  • Ben&Jerry’s Karamel sutra ice cream – My new favourite  Ben&Jerry’s flavour  p.s did you know that they have over 50 flavours
  • Salted caramel Blondie – My second new favourite Ben&Jerry’s flavour
  • Sugar on snow – A super fun way to eat hot maple syrup on ice
  • Gatorade – Simply  better than Powerade no energy drink will compare
  • Blueberry pancakes with bacon – Sweet,tart,salty,soft and crispy ,basically everything good on a plate

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