No one ever liked burpees …

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Burpees – I have yet to meet a person who has said they enjoy burpees- and I doubt I ever will. This is most definitely the most hated exercise because it works every area of the body to its extreme and gets your heart beat right up , they also leave your feeling like you’ve run a mile.

Suicides – Do I even need to explain?Does that name seems like it could be any fun to you? This is cardio to the extreme who would have ever thought something so simple as running back a forth could be such hard work , no wonder why many sports coaches uses this a punishment to whip their players into shape.

Planks – Now some of you many not agree but I for one do not enjoy planks, they’re not fun by any means and they have always been the exercise I have to work on. I know some of you out there can hold a plank for more than 3 mins and that’s great for you. I on the other hand will happily do 300 squats instead of one plank.

Mountain climbers –  I don’t know what it is about mountain climbers that turns me off, maybe its the angle but I really do hate doing these maybe it’s because I tend to be more drawn towards strength and muscles toning exercises rather than high-speed cardio,whatever the reason could be they are simply no fun at all.

Push ups – This is definitely one that most people don’t like to do,as easy as some people may make them look like they do prove to be rather difficult especially the taller who tend to be.

Overall we tend to dislike exercise that push us out of our comfort zone and make us work harder but that doesn’t mean we should avoid them. Even though these exercise are most hated they do tend to be the ones that benefit us the most so I guess we all hate to suck it up and wait for our bodies to thank us later.


  • All these exercise can be modified to any fitness level,yes we should push ourselves out of our comfort zones but  know your own limits
  • Think about the bigger picture ,even though you may hate it now you will end up seeing amazing results at the end making it  all totally worth
  • Make them as fun as you can listen to your favourite music ,do it with some friends or anything else you can think of that would make it that bit more tolerable

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