Long Live the Crop Top – a short history on why crop tops are always in style

Some love them, some hate and others like me fear them. The famous fashion trend has been around longer than you think and as summer is upon us now is the perfect time to become an expert on the fashion trend that never dies.

A short history of the crop top

The 1940s was when the first women began bearing their midriff. Crop tops were high collared ,short-sleeved  and paired with high-waisted midi skirts to accentuate the ideal hour-glass figure. It was the perfect  summer holiday attire and was simple and effortless to pull of.


It was the turn of the 1970s that saw crop tops return to mainstream with the hippie movement  and along came bright and floral patterns paired with flared jeans


1980s the crop top was more mainstream than ever thanks to the aerobic craze and movies like Dirty dancing and Flash dance and brought neon colours into the mix.

1990s saw the crop top pop into pop culture (see what I did there) with celebs like Britney, Christina, Madonna and TLC showing us that the fashion staple was not just reserved for the gym or that pool side party but can be perfect for the red carpet or any important event. This was undoubtedly the era of the crop top.


2011 onwards various fashion designers have jumped on the bandwagon reviving the trend and bringing it onto the runways with a new refined design with softer colour palettes and edgier shapes and cuts



My 5 best bralette tips

  1. Bag yourself something baggy – baggy jeans always look effortless and give you a little street style
  2. Less is most definitely more – the key is to keep it simple with minimal makeup and accessories for the elegant look
  3. Layer it up – layers work great with this staple with and are ideal for those of us who want to keep a bit more covered up
  4. P Is for pencil skirt and patterns – pencil skirts work great for looking sophisticated on night out and pattern crops are flattering to all body types.
  5. Confidence is key – the most important tip is to wear it with confidence and your sure to be on to a winner


and it’s not just us girls who can rock a crop top there seems to be a new trend of fashion forward guys wearing crop tops just check out the pic of Kid Cudi and Calvin Klein 2011 collection


Hot right!

To conclude the crop top is most definitely a fashion staple that will live on and on finding  new ways of reinventing its self. Over time its proven it can work in any era, on any body shape, in every colour shape and design all that is left to say is LONG LIVE THE CROP TOP.


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