What is so ‘essential’ about essential oils?

These days they’re  is no product in the market that doesn’t claim to have some sort of  essential oil in it, but really  what are essential oils? And what do they really do for us ?

The science behind all the hype …

Essential oils are hydrophobic (a molecule that repels from water) liquids that contain volatile aroma compounds (fragrance) of a plant. There called essential oils not because they are essential for our health but because they contain the qualities of the plant they’re extracted from making them essential to the plants biochemistry. The plant is put in a distillation machine which uses steam to extract the oil by vaporizing and then condensing them.

Though they may not be essential for our health don’t  underestimate their wonderful qualities that  do wonders for hair, teeth, nails and skin. Not only that, they have also been used to help with stress, concentration,anxiety and a whole host of other health issues.

They can found in pretty much everything you use whether its cleaning product of bath and soap luxuries. There is said to over 130 different essential oils too many for me to list all in this post but here are some of my favourites.


The oil themselves 

The following are oils  live in your kitchen – you’ve probably cooked thousands of meals with these and never realized how amazing their oils could be

Basil oil
A great antiseptic and is good for relieving pains and stress

Almond oil
Awesome for killing bacteria, germs and fungi also very good for moisturizer

Lemon oil
The best at fighting infections on cuts and wounds also very good for having strong firm gums as well great for giving the skin a nice youthful lift

Orange oil
This oil traditionally is used to soothe inflammation and can even claim to fight depression and uplift mood

Garden goodness the flowers and plants that can do more than just be pretty

Eucalyptus oil
This oil differs a lot depending on what country and tree the oil is from but generally this oil is known for its disinfectant and insect repels qualities

Jasmine oil

This oil is great for lighting your mood as it acts an antidepressant

Lavender oil

Calming, sleep inducing, analgesic and a disinfectant

Rose oil
Probably most know for its aroma as it is often praised as being a good relaxer in times of stress, rose oil also good for hormonal changes in women including menopause and looking after ageing skin

Spearmint oil
Antiseptic, a calmative, a good stimulant and great for decongestive it also helps repair/ aid damage done to the body

Tea Tree oil
A antifungal oil that is good for treating acne and dry or dandruff hair

But there’s always a caution …

Although there is tons of research online about essentials oil the truth is tons is never enough, I advise that none of the oils should be digested as it could be extremely harmful to your inner system and that pregnant women as always should take extra care when using these oil or any products.



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