How the eye hurts the soul

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It is an  issue we look over, an issue we blame on the media and the makeup industry. The issue of self-esteem, self-love and body image. This is an issue that until recently I’ve paid no attention to.

It all started with the Facebook campaign to take no make up selfies. When I was asked to do one I had no problem in doing so but, some of my friends didn’t feel the same. They had this warped image that they were somehow unattractive in their natural state so I decided to start a  campaign about it at my college.

We set up a “window of love” – a message board of inspirational messages about positivity, gave out positive bookmarks and flyers and tips on how to have a good body image. All in all it was a great success and this was what was I had planned to write todays post on.

Suddenly it hit me. And it hit me hard.

I could blame it on hormones or being a teenager but quite frankly  I don’t want to. Through out  this whole campaign I was approaching it to help others like it was some sort of disease that was eating unaware teens who were not capable enough to see that they really looked like, acting as if I was some sort of enlightened preacher who found a way to overcome it. When really I’m just like everyone else and I too am not exempt for feeling self loathe. Low self-esteem doesn’t care who it attacks; it doesn’t happen to only the blonde or brunette  to tall or short it bares no discrimination or prejudice.

I thought all this time that by me spreading the message that we all need to love ourselves a bit more that I had been overcoming my own issue confidence when I reality I just been avoiding dealing with how I really felt about my self.

Its strange feeling, a feeling of depression, hate, anger and  frustration. A feeling that makes me not wants to look at the mirror. An urge to scratch my face until become it become prettier as if it was a scratch board that will reveal a magically new face one with less marks and a thinner nose, more bone structure basically one that didn’t resemble my face. It was a feeling that made me cry  at absurd hours in the morning wishing that I could anyone else but me. It was the saddest mixture of emotions I have ever  had the misfortune of feeling.

A feeling that one too many today feel also. Over 70% of girls age 15 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school, when they feel bad about their looks.But why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do obsess over something we know we have no control over, something that in the grand scheme of life is so petty and ridiculous. Why does it hurt so much? What makes me believe I don’t deserve the same love I give to others?

Why am I so mean to the person I should really be the most loving towards?

This is why this is such an important issue because it does affect us all in some way or another. Most of the time we let it fester and do nothing about it as if it’s not a real issue but if we feel real pain then it is a real issue and it is something worth fighting for.Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts a song to me says it the best “it’s the soul that needs surgery”. Only one problem there is not soul doctor or soul hospital there’s no magic pill or spray to make this disappear. It comes from within, from taking a notice, from spreading the word,and acting on ones inner self. I don’t want a generation like my self who spends their lives believing on what their eyes don’t see. This is why I have chosen to be a self-esteem and body positivity campaigner because I don’t want anybody to feel they way I feel, my story may not be finished but I am happy that its had begun.The eye is a powerful weapon it’s the tool we use to see, and seeing is the tool we use to believing, and to believe something one must store it in one’s soul. But are your eyes telling you the truth.


There are many great campaigns and sites worth talking a look out if you want to know more about this issue

Check out them out!

I would absolutely love to hear  your stories and opinion on the issue 😀


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