Carmel and KitKat cupcakes

This sweet treat is simply heavenly and filled with chocolatey goodness that will surely impress all your friends and family and having them wanting more !

Ingredients for 12 cupcakes 

125g self-raising flour

125g butter

125g sugar

2 eggs

4 tbsp. of cocoa powder

1 tsp. of salt

1 tsp. of vanilla essence



Kit Kat

1 cups of Milk

1-½ cups of Sugar

1 tsp. butter



Cupcake cases

Ice cream spoon




Mixing bowl


Step 1)

Measure out the butter and sugar into a mixing bowl and mix until light, fluffy and pale

Step 2)

Measure and then sieve all the flour into the bowl, mixing in a figure of eight

Step 3)

Add the eggs one at a time carefully mixing the mixture, and then add the vanilla essence and salt to the mixture

Step 4)

Add the milk until the mixture is of a smooth consistence and easy to spoon out

Step 5)

Pre heat your oven to 190 degrees and place your cupcakes cases into the tray


Step 6)

Using an ice spoon to make sure all the mixture in evenly spread dish out the mixture into he cases and place in the oven for 15 mins. Once cupcakes are fully baked take out the oven and let them cool


Step 7)

Heat up a pan on the stove and add the teaspoon of butter

Step 8)

Once the butter has melted add the sugar and milk and stir mixture constantly until it start to brown

Step 9)

Once mixture has browned lower the heat and begin to drizzle it on the cup cakes

Step 10)

Crunch up pieces of Kit Kat and add to the top next place the cupcakes in the fridge to cool and let the caramel harden


Serve and enjoy :p

 Top Tips 

  1. Don’t open the oven door frequently you will let too much air in and too much heat out and your cupcakes will not rise properly
  2. Never slam the oven door it will force out the air in the cupcakes and they will not rise well 
  3. Use and knife or skewer to check if the cupcakes are done if they come out clean they are ready 
  4. Be carefully with the sugar and milk you don’t want to burn the caramel so watch at all times 




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