A workout when you don’t have time to workout


Life can be busy,very busy in fact for some of us day to day life is filled with places to go and people to see leaving not very little time do anything let alone workout.

One of the big misconceptions about exercise is that you have to slave away for hours at the gym to see any results. In reality exercise is not so much about quantity but quality and more importantly persistence.

My school schedule doesn’t leave much time, to workout on the weekdays especially of their toms on homework and projects to do. So the best way I found to put it ins is do a series of sort exercises that focus on toning and building strength.

So if you have 17 mins spare checkout this workout routine:

  1. 20 push ups – great for toning you chest and back and improving core strength
  2. 50 weighted squats – great for toning your gluteus and calves and for those of you who want a nice perky buttocks this is for you
  3. Traci Campoli arm toner workout – this a great quick workout that is really effective and easy to follow, Tracy is a great lifestyle coach and has an awesome youtube page that you should check it out.

4.Xhit abs workout produces a great selection of workout out for any fitness level , this workout is also another favourite of mine


And don’t forget the all important stretches we don’t wont to pull anything we shouldn’t!


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