Shop Jeen – Where the Kool Kids shop



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If you never heard of Shop Jeen you’ve truly been missing out. Big time!

Shop Jeen is one of the hottest online retailers on the market right now and you’re not a kool kid until you’ve been seen sporting some of their awesome apparel. Founded by 22-year-old entrepreneur Erin Yogasundram (who btw has a hilarious twitter page @ERINJEEN and is a huge WWE fan -bonus).

They have the craziest products you will ever come across. Ranging from the cheap and affordable to items that might not make your wallet happy. From chicken nugget prints pencil skirts to the infamous Kim k crying face on a jumper, to wending machine socks they really have it all. Making me
absolutely obsessed with them flowing them on their twitter, Facebook and instagram and stalking their site like a hawk.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 04.41.36  Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 05.07.02

I can’t get enough of them and this is why. They are a breathe of fresh air, they don’t just think out the box they obliterate the box and build a whole new one on planet Mercury. They also have a wide selection of treasures that will blow your mind and send your cute -o -metre into overload, such as penis water guns and pixel body tattoos making then the koolest cats on the block.
During the superficial world onto which we live in it is ever so easy to get sucked into following fashion tends religiously, worrying way too much about being on trend or the new queen of instagram. We tend to forget what makes fashion so great in the first place and how free flowing and spirited style should be. To me shop Jeen bring it back to expressing yourself with no limits regardless of who may (or may not) secretly judging you on the street.

Word to the wise Shop Jeen items aren’t for wearing to church on a Sunday morning nor will you be buying your mothers day gift from there anytime soon – that is unless you have the worlds koolest mum (but I’m pretty sure my mum is the only one that holds that title.) However if you live for cartoons,drugs,bright colour and all that good 90s stuff and want a clever site that will surly make you and your wardrobe stand out from the crowd, then you should definitely check them out ASAP.

Follow on Facebook , twitter and instagram @ shopjeen



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