Give me a salad over a burger any day?

I love eating clean. No really I do – I’m just not very good at sticking to it. For those of you who don’t know what eating clean is, it basically is when you cut out  all junk food and all those nasty fats and sugar out of your diet and its the latest fad we fitness buffs are into.Cutting out of these bad foods in our diets gives us some amazing benefits and I would definitely recommend it as something we should all try.

Personally I would much rather have a salad over a burger any day – yes really, but this doesn’t  mean eating the right food all the time is easy. One reason why clean eating is so hard,is that most of our food has alarming amounts salt,fat,sugars and unnecessary additives just check the back of the packets of food you’ve eaten today. It  also doesn’t help that junk food is so much more accessible than health foods. Why on earth would I go out of my way to find a Pret and spend £4 plus on a sandwich and drink, when I could easily get a big mac chips and a drink that I know will satisfy me.

I’ve been on the journey since the new year (- how cliché) and honestly it has been hard. Cheat meals have turned to cheat days which turn into cheat weeks and leave me feeling deflated and utterly guilty.However, I found out that I truly feel better inside and out, better skin,hair nails, and more energy and its even helped me to tone up more.
But like most things practice makes perfect so here  are my five top tips that I’ve found out make it easier to keep up.

  1. Having a scheduled cheat day – A lot of the time we are just too hard on ourselves. We are humans after all and we are allowed that doughnut or chocolate bar as long as it is in moderation.No ones expecting you to only eat carrots for the rest of your days.
  2. Stay hydrated – Most of the time we don’t drink nearly enough amount of water as we should. This forces our body to send signals which get misinterpreted as hunger when really it is thirst. Remember we can survive a lot longer without food than we can without water – we are made up of  approx. 70% of it after all.
  3. Eat enough – The main issue that I occurred i’m was super hungry all of the time. This was due to the fact that I associated eating clean with not eating a lot when that’s not the case. You shouldn’t be starving yourself, just replacing those lollipops with those greens.
  4. Get imaginative with your meals and snacks – Eating the same thing will make it boring and  harder to stick to it. Pack your food with flavour and seasoning. Find ways to reinvent your favourite foods but in a healthier manner. Have a range of snacks such as : fruits medley, greek yogurt, vegetables sticks, muesli, soups and  salads.
  5. Keep motivated Set goals and aim to reach them .This is probably the hardest one of them but the most important. It’s hard to keep that budding enthusiasm you have in the beginning of starting clean eating just remember that you’re doing it for a reason and that’s reason if for YOU and YOU only  so keep that in mind  when things get hard!

Let me know about your feels and  experiences on eating clean x


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